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  1. COBWORKS (20 Dec 17) I found this relatively new Cob building website and they also have a very nice YouTube video showing a completed Cob house. Cob is an environmentally friendly mixture of clay, sand, and straw that can be used in many different climates to create green buildings with organically shaped walls. Click on the picture at the right to visit a video tour of a beautiful finished Cob home.

    ►This website is dedicated to anyone who has looked at the way modern homes are built with dry wall, plywood and expensive, toxic glues and thought "there has to be a better way." The natural building movement is all about building beautiful, nontoxic homes that are largely sourced from local and recycled materials. Cobworks is one of the original cob building companies in North America, after Cob Cottage Company in Coquille Oregon. It was established in 1998 when its 3 founders, Tracy Calvert, Elke Cole and Patrick Hennebery joined forces after learning and working with Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley of CCC. This website is the online home for Patrick Hennebery to answer questions and share his knowledge. Patrick takes the idea of "do-it-yourself" to a whole new level. He has problem solved his way through a 20+ year building career and will use this site to share his experience, inventive techniques and adventures in using recycled materials in sometimes outrageous and creative ways. Patrick's decades of know-how are based on his single guiding principle: "Just because I made it up doesn't mean it's not true." We are now working on a book by the same name that will highlight many of his projects. Please join our mailing list to stay updated . . . and to receive some of the nice freebies that we have planned down the road for our online community!◄
  2. NEW ZEALANDS TINIEST HOUSE (17 May 17) Here is another video made in New Zealand by Jola Josie (Cool Name Huh?). This time she features Ivan's Ute truck conversion. He used pine wood for much of the interior work as it is a light weight material making it easier for his little truck to pull the load. I only wished she had shown more detail of how the camper was made - but you the viewer can probably get some ideas from this project.

    ►Is this New Zealands tiniest house? It sure is the smallest and cutest I have seen. What do you think? Thank you Ivan for showing us all your beautiful home! Feel free to share and show others this beautiful being and his home.◄
  3. House Boat MAKESHIFT HOUSEBOAT (5 May 17) Well, this is an old article i saved and i have found it again and decided to put it up. This guy that built this floating shed lives the way i like to live. I hope the builder was able to get his home back into the water and get everything going again. ►BOAT AFLOAT: The illegal structure erected near the Boulder Bank has been transformed into a houseboat after floating away. The man who has won a mixture of bouquets and brickbats for building a makeshift houseboat on the Nelson foreshore is a good person who just wants to live quietly, a close friend says. UBER GIFT CARDS Paul Jepson built the houseboat out of pallets and corrugated iron while it sat on four piles he'd embedded into the shore of the Boulder Bank which rims Nelson Haven. Then he lashed drums to its sides, put the hull of an old launch underneath to provide more flotation and cut it free. This week it has been anchored in about a metre of water at each high tide, well up towards the Glen and far from the few remaining baches. This morning it was even further north, high and dry close to Boulder Bank Drive, having possibly broken free and been carried there by last night's high tide. Inside he's got a bed, a pot-bellied stove with a chimney, a cupboard with kitchen items and a container to hold rainwater that is ingeniously piped in from the guttering. He has a solar panel and a car battery to provide limited power. He had built the houseboat from what he found washed up on the Boulder Bank, pallets he took apart, drums he got from city businesses and floated down the Maitai River to the sea at night, and other materials he had obtained for little or no cost. Mr Jepson has so far been unwilling to talk directly to the Nelson Mail but yesterday he was present in the background while his friend, known around the port as Muzz, answered questions on his behalf.#9668;
  4. Tail Feather Camper Kit TAIL FEATHER CAMPER KIT   This is so cool i had to put this up. Billed as "Modular Portable Shelters". Tail Feather campers can be assembled on your trailer permanently or taken apart when not in use and stored away. All the parts nest neatly into a compact space. No part weighs over 35 pounds so they are easy to handle. But, unfortunately they have not been able to start production due - i guess - to lack of interest by people in that type of market. I hope maybe in the future something can be done to get this product going. ►Teal Tail Feather Campers are kits made from a modular, portable, panel system designed to fit on utility trailer and pickup beds and other flat surfaces. They can be used for camping, travel, recreation, ice fishing, hunting blinds, emergency shelters, termporary housing, pontoon boats, equipment sheds, sport shelters, bugout, cabins, small travel trailers, small campers, toy haulers, enclosed utility trailers, and more.◄
  5. The Tree Bach - Tree House THE TREE BACH   This is a kinda famous little Tree House project based in New Zealand. This guy (Jono Williams and friends - The Best Hut, Tree House, New Zealand) who built this Tree House is quite a bit creative. He uses quality material to get a high quality result in these projects. There are lots of pictures on the site showing how things were accomplished. More pictures than words. He features: A remote controlled draw bridge, propane heated bath, solar power system, led lighting, sound system, sweet viewing deck, dual hammocks, queen size sofa bed, & a heating system. Be sure and visit his other cool project: The Skysphere - Palmerston North man's ultimate man cave.

    ►The Tree Bach is a Tree House built by Jono Williams and a few friends. The tree house is made up of recycled materials and construction site discards.◄
  6. Underground Housing UNDERGROUND HOUSING   For those of you interested in building a home underground - here is a book and a website dedicated to you. You have to be careful when building underground and it must be done correctly or it can become a big safety issue. I viewed on the internet a situation where a man buried a shipping container underground and it collapsed from the weight of the dirt piled on top of it.
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    ►Underground housing is a concept whose time has come again. Its advantages over above-ground housing are spectacular. It stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It blends in with nature rather than rearing above it. It can double the yard space in a city. To the neighbors it looks like a park. It is the most environmentally sound. It uses half the building materials. It is the safest form of housing: It is fire resistant, radiation resistant and is impervious to tornado and hurricane strength winds. It even does better in earthquakes. Where are the traditional tornado shelters located? Where are the fallout shelters? Where does an army go to defend itself? In a world that is increasingly hostile, it's really nice to know that Mother Earth herself is providing your safety.◄
  7. Describe GREEN MAGIC HOMES   This is a unique idea in that it involves using a prefabricated plastic resin type shell which is then covered with your cover of choice such as dirt with grass planted or with desert sand or not sure what else would work. The manufacturing facility is located in Cancun, Mexico. Picture on the right shows a shell partially covered with sod & grass. These units are suitable for building low cost tiny homes.

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    ►Green Magic Homes are a prefabricated modular building system with structural components made in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) which are specifically designed to fit together to provide infinite design possibilities for spaces, access, lighting, ventilation and room connections. Shipping world wide is made easy with modules that are sized and packaged to fit into one or two shipping containers. The magic of the "green" and the effect of heat insulation is provide by the earth embankments or buttresses on the sides of the structure. Once covered with a top layer of soil, the embankments and top layer are wrapped in a geo-textile fabric, covered entirely with sod or other vegetation. This stabilizes the earth in the long term by the rooting action of the plants on top. Green Magic Homes components are fast and easy to assemble. Each component has perforated flaps which screw and seal together. The entire structure is then anchored to the foundation with galvanized steel screws. Components with composite ducts and channels for electrical wiring and water pipes, as well as mechanical ventilation ducts can be added to the shell at any point necessary. Green Magic Homes kits include: Doors and windows made of treated pine, oak or fir, galvanized steel screws, elastomer for sealing component flaps together, packing and Assembly Manual. These are shipped ready to be installed. Some parts of the technology are manufactured in fiber cement board which are joined to the FRP modules with nylon ties and sealed with elastomer. Packaged for Delivery: A 20-foot container fits approximately 860 SF of our technology. A 40-foot container fits approximately 1720 SF of our technology.◄
  8. Binishells System 5 BINISHELLS   This company has what seems to be a very up-to-date efficient system for building strong low cost structures. They are a technology company working within construction. They believe in the potential of their construction systems to improve people's lives and to safeguard the environment. They do not construct. They license their technologies out to qualified contractors or developers by region. Picture on the right is of "Binishells System 5" their most affordable housing solution. "Designed specifically for low cost and disaster relief housing, System 5 is simple, permanent, green and highly affordable. This 350 SF shelter is resistant to all manner of natural disasters and can be quickly and efficiently implemented by local builders using local materials and local labor."

    ►Binishells may be used for a very wide variety of purposes. From military barracks and depots, to convention centers, mixed use commercial, retail or large scale transportation, Binishells are highly flexible. They have been used for applications such as residential, libraries, sports complexes, commercial, storage and silos and for temporary facilities such as expos and world fairs. In all cases, speed, affordability as well as the structural and environmental advantages of the systems have been a major advantage. From worker housing to disaster relief, Binishells provide safe, permanent, highly environmental solutions that are faster and more affordable than ever before possible. Utilizing locally sourced materials and labor, Binishells help to build up the local economy while building up the local infrastructure.◄
  9. TSX SERIES OF PORTABLE CABINS ALASKA STRUCTURES   This business here builds fabric structures large enough for any military or commercial operation, but they also have some products suitable for the smaller retail customer. They manufacture what is called "Tensioned Membrane Structures" a process using PVC fabric.. Picture on the right is of their TSX Series of Portable Cabins.

    ►Alaska Structures® (AKS) sets the standard for portable cabins with our TSX™ series of high-quality fabric buildings. Versatile TSX portable cabins can be used as standalone structures or as part of a larger camp system. TSX buildings are uniquely suited for a wide range of commercial, industrial and governmental applications. TSX fabric membrane structures are easier to install with less site preparation than metal, wood, or brick-and-mortar buildings. Unlike cheap canvas structures, TSX cabins are lightweight and rugged. At AKS, we create fully engineered fabric structures for long field-life and safe use in any climate, no matter how extreme. We have our engineering independently tested and certified to ensure that our fabric buildings perform as intended. Every American-made fabric tension structure we create meets or exceeds international and local building codes. TSX portable cabins can be assembled and disassembled several times over several years without structural failure, making them ideal mobile housing solutions for multiple projects. If you want more information or a price quote for a highly portable and safe TSX cabin, use the form at right to fill out an online request or call +1-907-344-1565 to speak with a building specialist.◄
  10. This is a mini strawbale cottage on an old 2-car garage footprint DOWN TO EARTH DESIGN   This little business specializes in strawbale, clay plasters, & adobe type building materials. They offer design services & consulting. Picture on the right is of a mini strawbale cottage on an old 2-car garage footprint.

    ►We provide three types of services: DESIGN, TEACHING, and CONSULTING. We work exclusively on projects that create symbiotic relationships with their environmental context instead of fighting to overpower it. Our philosophy centers on empowering clients to make informed decisions and we use a collaborative process that gives voice to all project stakeholders. Down to Earth Design provides design services throughout the mid-Atlantic & Northeast regions (including DC, MD, VA, WV, DE, PA, & NJ). We provide education & consulting services throughout the US and internationally. To best serve clients, we work from two locations, in the Washington DC metro area and in the Philadelphia metro area. We can be reached at either location, whichever is most convenient to you.◄
  11. Mud Mob At Work MUDMOB   These guys specialize in creating "Irregular Shelter Systems" in the country of Australia. They host workshops, and offer building services. They work mostly with organic materials like straw, mud, cordwood, cob, & recycled materials.

    ►Mudmob operates Australia wide, running educational workshops in all forms of natural building. We can host a workshop at your house or local community garden. We are also available for contract work. If you don't fancy hosting a workshop then you can feel comfortable leaving it up to our professional team. We specialize in cob * straw bale * cordwood * mud brick * light earth * super-adobe * earthen floors, earth renders and more. We're available for jobs ranging from ovens and outdoor benches, garden sheds and garden walls, outhouses, cabins and studios and large scale family homes. Whether it be something sculptural you're after or just a simple earthen look, the possibilities with natural building are endless. Mudmob crew have been focusing their time on the tiny home movement. We have been running a series of workshops designed to allow people to gain a hands on experience building a tiny home and see for themselves just how easy it can be. We encourage people to have a small footprint on this planet and if building a tiny home allows you to live mortgage free and focus on more simplistic ways of living then we think you're doing alright.◄
  12. The Flintstone House ATLAS OBSCURA   Here is a website that brings many interesting things to light. You can search for irregular type shelters which is the type they kind of specialize in. You can use search terms such as: Home, houses, cabin, domes, eccentric homes, outsider architecture, architectural oddities. Picture on the right is of the "Flintstone House" in Hillsborough, California. ►Atlas Obscura is the definitive guide to the world's wondrous and curious places. In an age where everything seems to have been explored and there is nothing new to be found, we celebrate a different way of looking at the world. If you're searching for MINIATURE CITIES, GLASS FLOWERS, BOOKS BOUND IN HUMAN SKIN, GIGANTIC FLAMING HOLES IN THE GROUND, BONE CHURCHES, BALANCING PAGODAS, or HOMES BUILT ENTIRELY OUT OF PAPER, the Atlas Obscura is where you'll find them. Atlas Obscura is a collaborative project. We depend on our far-flung community of explorers (like you!) to help us discover amazing, hidden spots, and share them with the world. If you know of a curious place that's not already in the Atlas, let us know. There is plenty out there to discover, so let's start looking!◄
  13. Tiny Hut for a homeless woman HOMELESS HUT   The man featured here built this little hut for a homeless woman who was sleeping on the ground near where he lived. I am guessing the outside dimensions are about: 4ft Wide X 7ft Long X 6ft High. He built it alongside a residential street curb, but chances are he moved it to another location like wherever she was sleeping before.
    There is a "gofundme" ( page up for this project and a lot of people are interested in it.

    ►One of the most basic fundamental necessities in life is shelter. With well over a half a million women, children, veterans and families homeless in this grand ol' US of A and with numbers growing daily it's becoming much more difficult to stereotype the homeless as just drug addict bums who "chose" to be or "did it to themselves. There are hundreds of thousands of Human beings who have been forced into being on the streets with nowhere to go and once they get there, are treated as trash and less of a person and criminals. Many cities have criminalized being homeless. Being homeless is NOT a crime. The true crime is how we as human being look at and treat people that are homeless. Some people don't, but MOST homeless people want help and are desperate to get off the streets. Many to most are loosing hope or have already lost it and are simply dying, homeless and hungry. How can a person begin to hope and raise themselves up if they only have the dirt beneath their feet to rest their face upon? Everyone can help. Even $1 can make a difference, a difference so big that it literally saves someone's life.◄
  14. Yurt Made From Sticks, String & Mud BUILD A LOW COST MUD YURT   This is a nice article from the Mother Earth News magazine about building a round type cabin using string, sticks, & mud. They call it a Yurt, but because of the way it is made, i am reluctant to include it on my Yurt website.

    ►In 2007, I visited Bill Coperthwaite at his home in northern Maine and fell in love with the only round house I've ever been in that really works. The beauty of it grew directly from the circle itself; Bill didn't try to make it fit a squared-off floorplan: No right angles, and the big spaces (the main living space is about 30 feet in diameter) were simply divided in half or in thirds. People in one portion had privacy but could reach any other part of the building easily via a generous circular "room" that was open all the way around the perimeter. Bill's designs would make a wonderful book (in addition to his classic, A Handmade Life), but I went home wondering how I could combine his ideas with my own favorite material: Mud.◄
  15. Lake District Tree House BLUE FOREST   This business based in England specializes in "Tree House Design & Construction". And boy do they have some beautiful designs. Very classy outfit. Nice website with lots of beautiful pictures of their product.

    ►Blue Forest is a specialist luxury tree house company fulfilling clients' dreams for a wide range of unique structures from fantasy play areas to romantic tree house hideaways. The company is run by brothers Andy and Simon Payne. Andy and Simon were born in Kenya where they spent their childhood surrounded by the beauty and adventure of the great outdoors. Blue Forest was born of these experiences and from a desire to bring people closer to the natural world. Despite the traditional stereotype, tree houses are not just for children! The company have designed and built everything from kid's dens to fabulous entertaining areas, exclusive tree house holiday accommodation and inspiring eco-classrooms. Blue Forest is now regarded as the world’s leading tree house consultants and is renowned for designing buildings that reflect the environment in which they are built. Commercial clients include The Eden Project, Chewton Glen, Center Parcs, Mind Candy & Cranleigh School, Benenden School and even the NHS. Private clients include successful business men and women and even well-known celebrities and royalty. Blue Forest's uniquely tailored service provides a turnkey solution, where everything from design and planning to construction and commissioning comes in an easy, reliable and professional package. All to ensure that you end up with a truly amazing tree house.◄
  16. Curvco Steel Home CURVCO STEEL STRUCTURES   This to me is an ideal home for many locations, especially places with seasonal extreme weather locations, like snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, or whatever. It is truly an irregular shelter because most people would not like this odd quonset hut style design. I think this design would be suitable for most government buildings instead of the modern and very expensive buildings that the government(s) utilize nowadays.

    ►Curvco prefab Steel Houses offer the perfect way to make your dream home become a reality. Their efficient design produces the most affordable prefabricated steel homes and is fully customizable to achieve the most attractive appearance. While the curved features of the arch project an appealing modern architectural look, they also offer unparalleled strength in metal home kits. It's very easy to make Curvco prefab steel homes beautifully match their surroundings as the ends can be fully customized. Many customers use wood or vinyl siding, brick or masonry materials to create a façade on the ends to complement the landscape or the exterior of other adjacent structures. Simply stud up the ends using 2 x 4's or 2 x 6's, attach plywood with a weatherproof membrane and apply the decorative material of your choosing. The factory supplied ends can also be custom ordered in color and a two tone or wainscot combination can be utilized. Since the Curvco Steel House kit components are completely prefabricated and pre-drilled, it is very easy for the do-it-yourselfer to construct. This saves you thousands of dollars in construction labor and eliminates costly housing contractors. Basic tools and scaffolding can be used in the assembly so high-priced equipment rentals are also avoided. The absence of trusses, beams, and posts in a Curvco arch building steel home makes it easy to double your floor space with a wide open fully useable second floor or loft area. Not only do these features make your steel house kit easy to erect, but the most affordable as well. The heavy gauge of steel used in Curvco Steel Houses combined with the superior engineered design result in an extremely strong structure. These prefab house kits are manufactured to withstand the strongest hurricane force winds and the heaviest snow loads and are very popular in high snow mountainous regions or northern climates like Alaska. You can have confidence that your family and valuable property are protected and secure even in storms where snow accumulations can be 3-4 feet. Every Curvco Quonset building steel home is designed to meet the regional building code structural requirements. A Curvco Steel home is the ideal "green" or sustainable house construction as the steel is fully recyclable. The building shell or panels are available in several energy star colors that save you energy and come with a 40-year warranty from Akzo Nobel. Whether you purchase your home with color or Galvalume steel they require virtually no maintenance or repairs, and save you money. It is very easy to insulate a Curvco residential steel home and they are remarkable energy efficient as there are no dead corners. These homes can also be built with "green" accessories including solar panels for electricity or heating water, skylights and wind/solar powered turbine vents. Call and discuss your home project plans with a building specialist and let us show you how a Curvco arch style metal home is the most economical versatile house kit available.◄
  17. Little Shanty Boat LITTLE SHANTY BOAT   The evolution, construction, and adventures of a humble little shanty boat. This is a really cool idea in my opinion, but it looks like the author has slowed down a little on updating the project. For those of you interested in this sort of thing, there are lots of pictures of different steps in the making of a shanty boat. Building the barge or boat portion looks to be the hardest part.
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    And probably finding a place where you can float this without a hassle might be kind of difficult. Maybe try the California Delta area near Sacramento or the waterways of the state of Oregon, or maybe around the state of Louisiana.

    ►Welcome. A shanty boat is a small crude house boat. This here is a chronicle of a journey designing, building, and floating a little hillbilly shanty boat. There is a long history of people building and living in shanty boats, the obvious choice for itinerant workers, miners, dockworkers, and farmers. As living on land has felt more and more constrained, people have looked to the relative freedom of rivers, lakes, and seas. This is the chronicle of a journey designing, building, and floating one such shanty boat. Start at the beginning and work your way forward: A mad idea fueled by gin. Or enjoy a little inspiration for the journey. And finally, here is the plan, more or less. The rest of the blog details the pitfalls, triumphs, near-death experiences, and joyous moments along our course.◄
  18. urt SPACE YURT   Another cool project by Adam Norton who i have listed on this site with another different project (See Below). Anyway, this project here is his "Space Yurt" a well designed little shelter for use on the planet of Mars. Note to me from Adam: "Hi Gary, I've got a new irregular shelter for you. This time I'm preparing for Mars settlement, so I've designed and built a Portable "Space Yurt". It flat-packs down to about 2 square meters, and could be strapped onto the outsides of a space ship, once in orbit of course. I've included a shot of me relaxing in the interior." Cheers." ~Adam

    ►Born 1964, lives in Sydney, Australia. Adam Norton's work investigates the effects of technology on the human condition. He has made work about space travel, virtual warfare and nuclear weapons. He is not only interested in how technology has altered our physical landscape but also how those changes have impacted on human behavior. Norton's work has been exhibited in Australia, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and the United States. His work is in public and private collections in Australia and The United Kingdom. This latest piece: "Space Yurt" references the hippie lifestyle of the counter-culture as its construction is based on the traditional yurt of the nomadic peoples of Central Asia. Like the yurt, Space Yurt is designed to collapse into its component parts and travel to new lands. However, in this case that land is 250 million miles away, on Mars. Space Yurt is constructed from lightweight material, built with heavy insulation to protect its occupant from the harsh climate of the Martian planet. It is a single habitation unit which can be easily linked together with others to form a small colony of interlocking rooms. The world has reached a tipping point as it approaches a level of depletion of its resources. Whilst Space Yurt nods to the past, it also points a solitary finger into the skies. In the words of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the 19th century Russian space visionary, "Earth is the cradle of mankind, but man cannot live in the cradle forever".◄
  19. Accent Model BRITESPAN BUILDING SYSTEMS   This listing here takes you to a unigue type of structure called a: "Fabric Covered Building". This company specializes in fabric covered buildings. Most of them seem quite large, mostly designed for large equipment storage & protection. But, i think they have some smaller sizes which might be suitable for human habitation. Picture on the right is one in their "ACCENT Building Series". You are probably aware of the fact that it costs a lot of money to heat the inside of a large structure, so of coarse one way to solve the problem is to set-up a much smaller habitable structure inside the larger building. If you have ever been inside a large warehouse, maybe you have noticed an independent enclosure where the office workers are located and it is usually heated and the occupants are much more comfortable than other workers in the warehouse. Just apply this same principle to any large building or large room and you will significantly reduce your heating bill. In one of these fabric covered buildings you could set-up a tent or a shed or even a small travel trailer to live in.

    ►BRITESPAN Building Systems Inc. has the most extensive and knowledgeable dealer network available in the industry. Why trust your building project to a company that never steps foot on your site, and only sells by phone. There are too many variables that come into play and are often overlooked which commonly cost you more money in the long run. Our dealers are local; they come to your site and work directly face to face with you to determine your best building solution. BRITESPAN offers Prefabricated, Temporary, Permanent and Portable Buildings for a Wide Range of Applications. BRITESPAN Building Systems offer an industry leading 16 year pro-rata warranty on all of our standard covers and a 10 year warranty on or Fire Rated covers on the Atlas, Genesis, Epic and Apex Building Series. Our high strength steel framework allows us to build massive clear span spaces, up to 160 feet wide, to any length. An in-house team of design engineers develop the most complete and innovative selection of products on the market. All clear span prefab buildings are designed and manufactured to allow for quick delivery and construction, often in as little as weeks instead of months. Every truss that goes into your BRITESPAN building has been galvanized using the latest and best galvanizing process in the industry, Post Production Hot Dipped Galvanizing. The post production part is the key in the process. This process does not sacrifice the internal coating on the pipe which means you will have a much longer lasting building in the long run. The translucent properties of our fabric membrane covers allow natural daylight into the building, reducing or eliminating daytime lighting costs. Unlike conventional construction, where the outer covering is often punctured thousands of times to attach the roofing and wall cladding, our clear span steel frame buildings are 500% more airtight, reducing air and heat loss. The fabric membrane has non-conductive properties that reduce the transmission of heat and cold, making the building feel warmer on cold days and cooler on hot summer days. Traditional construction simply cannot match these advantages without substantial costly upgrades. BRITESPAN Building Systems will customize your building to incorporate colors, ventilation, interior layouts, door and end wall options, foundations and space requirements to meet your needs. The thermally non-conductive properties of our covers help to ensure a warmer environment in winter and a cooler interior during the hot summer months. This, combined with the patented truss-arch design and fastening system, guarantees a building of exceptional quality and strength. BRITESPAN buildings are quick to install, offer multiple foundation options and our qualified Dealers provide quality installations. Use of a professional installation crew or concise manuals further facilitates a timely installation. BRITESPAN Buildings can typically be installed in less time than conventional structures.◄
  20. Capsule hotel ASAKUSA CAPSULE HOTEL   I guess these sleeping units would be OK for very short over-night stays, but bad for long run living. But anyway, here is one of the latest ideas for a "irregular shelter". This concept reminds me of a honey comb in a bee hive.

    ►It’s possible to travel on a shoe-string in Japan because you can save heaps by staying in those "capsule hotels" – where there won't be any room service but self-capsule service. The capsule, neat & clean, usually in dimension of 3x3x6ft is all that is needed for you staying overnight in the middle of Tokyo. Apart from the air-ticket fare, the bulk of the traveling expenses goes towards accommodation. Such accommodation is modestly clean & safe. For 3200 Yen (about $30) you get a bed in a capsule cell, a capsule box incorporating TV/Radio & controls for volume, light switches.
    The facilities as provided by the hotel include inexpensive restaurant, massage rooms & baths. Washing/bathing & toiletries being all external & separate may be somewhat inconvenient. At the entrance, you will told that you are expected to stay in until check-out time. They give you a suit of inner wear & a locker key. Most of these hotels accommodate male only, with the exception of some which have women-only floor. $29 is so cheap compared to what is usually charged $120 – $200 for a 3-star hotel in Japan. Asakusa Capsule Hotel in Tokyo charges $30 for a capsule with a small TV incorporated with the alarm clock, Radio in a capsule box. In Beijing, China the idea of the capsule-type of accommodation, known appropriately as "Capsule Apartments" has been introduced at the 2010 Spring Real Estate Fair recently. The new living spaces have attracted many people's attention. Some say that they meet the demands of graduates who are not rich enough to rent a bigger suite. Hopefully, they would alleviate the problem of accommodating those millions of migrant workers who can ill-afford more expensive housing. Each unit is less than 2 square meters and can only fit a single bed. Japanese Site:◄
  21. Capsule Hotel by CAPSULE HOTEL   Oh, i think these are really converted "Oil Rig Escape Pods" being used for housing. Their proper name is: "Brucker Survival Capsules". Pretty cool idea, huh? Click on the picture at the right to view the best images of these pods.

    ►Capsule hotel project is the result from the research based on the recycle and reuse of waste materials. The architect’s plan was to travel over Europe by boat in search of local wastes that can be turned into re-usable objects. An enclosed boat is used as a base of this project. The designer from REFUNC was fascinated with the "real" industrial stuff and chose the survival (pods) capsules which were affordable. These capsules were the main theme idea of the project. This gives the visitors a clear idea of the director’s vision. This capsule is now reused as a hotel and serves as a base station in creating the floating communities using neglected materials. Capsule Hotel serves as a solution for the water, waste as well as a floating island from the neglected things. This is now a valuable commodity in the Netherlands. The architect is now working on four capsules and a huge reception pod that will be functioning as a refunc-unit in the future, we're excited to see capsule hotel near our place.◄
  22. The Thirteen Dollar House THE THIRTEEN DOLLAR HOUSE   This is probably the lowest cost to build home i have ever seen. It is located near a small town called Jefferson, Colorado in Park County, Colorado. This listing is from "Amanda Kovattana" her blog. To view this special item, scroll down the page on her blog to about 3/4 approximately. Salt Water Pools Click on the picture at the right to see a much larger view of this little cabin.

    ►His own house on this homestead defied all kinds of rules. It didn't even have a door. To get in, you climbed into one of the windows and down a little ladder to the below ground cement floor. Not recommended for monsoon countries, like Thailand, Peggy cautioned. They called their house "The Thirteen Dollar House" because that's all it cost to build. One side of it was bermed with earth. The roof was plywood scraps covered with plastic, then cob. On our last day we would paint it with a beeswax and linseed oil mixture for further waterproofing. The remaining sides were faced with salvaged windows. There was a sleeping loft. Tomato plants were growing in the window. Several trays of sunflower seeds sprouted on the desk. It was a green house for sleeping in. Luckily, it was too small to be the concern of building inspectors.◄
  23. The Closed Loop HomeTHE CLOSED LOOP HOME   Heidi Allen is a woman with many artistic and industrial interests and this listing here is one of them. She told me this is a project that she works on several times a year or i probably should say she updates, modifies, adds to this page several times a year. So it is an ongoing, not complete project that has enough good information to make it acceptable for this website.

    ►This page is an outline of my ideas for a nearly disaster-proof, completely self-sustaining (closed loop) residence. Also included are my thoughts on the power and water systems, and other components, like heating, cooling, refrigeration and even appropriate furniture. This is rough draft, just to get it online. Several of the goals listed below relate to my desire to be able to build a home with very minimal impact on the rest of the property's environment. For example, if large vehicles were needed to move the pre-assembled components, trees would have to be cut, which is particularly undesirable in the marginal environments where this home would do the most good. The last goal relates to the effects of architecture, lighting, air quality and other factors on the subconscious of the residents. I want the indoor atmosphere to simultaneously relax and invigorate the mind and body.◄

    My goals are a residence:

    • That is an inexpensive kit home
    • That can be built easily and quickly
    • Whose components fit in a pickup truck (multiple trips)
    • Whose pre-assembly components are lightweight
    • Most of which can be assembled without bulky machinery
    • That can be finished out with local & green materials
    • That is essentially disaster proof
    • That generates its own power, water & food
    • That recycles or otherwise handles its own waste
    • That efficiently uses space
    • That's handicapped accessible; IE, is a lifetime home
    • That has a positive effect on the human psyche

  24. Typical Sleepbox SLEEPBOX   Here's a great idea long over due. These are truly "Irregular Shelters". These sleep boxes seem like a good idea, but keeping them sanitary might be a problem. If people will use the public toilets close by i am sure these could be nice. Interesting idea, but they will have to have some kind of janitorial / sanitation service to check each unit as it is vacated for the next occupant.

    ►Imagine the situation that you are in the modern metropolis, where you are not a local resident, and you have not booked a hotel. It is not comfortable situation, because in the modern, aggressive cities there are no opportunity to rest and relax. If you want to sleep, while waiting your plane or train, it may cause many security and hygiene problems. We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable for people. For this purpose we have developed a device SLEEPBOX. It provides moments of quiet sleep and rest from the city without wasting time searching for a hotel. Here are the possible locations for SLEEPBOX: Railroad stations, Airports, Expocentres, Public and shopping centers, Accommodation facilities. In countries with warm climate SLEEPBOX can be used on the streets. Thanks to SLEEPBOX any person has an opportunity to spend the night safely and cheaply in case of emergency, or when you have to spend few hours with your baggage. SLEEPBOX is a small mobile space (box) 2mx1.4mx2.3m (h). The main functional element in it is a bed 2x0.6 meter, which is equipped with automatic system of change of bed linen. Bed is soft, flexible strip of foamed polymer with the surface of the pulp tissue. Tape is rewound from one shaft to another, changing the bed. If a client wants to sleep in maximum comfort, he can take the normal set of bed linen for an extra fee. SLEEPBOX is equipped with a ventilation system, sound alerts, built-in LCD TV, WiFi, sockets for a laptop, charging phones. Also under the lounges is a place for luggage. After the clients exit, automatic change of bed linen starts and quartz lamps turns on. Payment can be made on a shared terminal, which provides the client with an electronic key. It is possible to buy from 15 minutes to several hours. SLEEPBOX is intended primarily to perform one main function - to enable a person to sleep peacefully. But it can also be equipped with various additional functions, depending on the situation. Application of the device can be very broad, not only in the form of paid public service, but also for internal purposes of organizations and companies.◄
  25. Tiny House Blog TINY HOUSE BLOG   This blog is about "Living Simply in Small Places". It is a very popular blog and has many followers. You will not be disappointed visiting this blog. Lots of great material for your perusal. Picture at the right is of an actual listing on the blog about a guy who made a home for himself on a lake with a homemade raft and tipi set-up. I have thought about doing something similar myself, but have not had the opportunity to implement my idea.

    Amazon Audiobooks 30-Day Free Trial ►My name is Kent Griswold and I have developed this blog because of my love of small spaces. I have always dreamed of having a cabin and have done research over the years. Tiny houses have also become an interest to me in the last few years and I have combined my interest in both of these to publish this blog. The Tiny House Blog was established in May of 2007. The goal of the tiny house blog is to discover the different options available for a person looking to down size into a tiny house or cabin. I will be looking at different type of construction, from logs, to yurts to modern and the unusual. I will also do book reviews, look at alternate energy for heat and electricity. I also want to hear your story so please contact me with your pictures and your own experiences in living simply and small. I want to encourage feedback and ideas to make this an informative blog. Stories of people who are living this dream. Pictures of tiny houses and cabins, etc. My goal is to publish daily if possible. I've heard a lot of good things about living healthier in the new, downsized arrangement and less worries even with basic family health plans depending which state. Thank you for sharing in this experience with me. If you'd like to share your tiny house project on Tiny House Blog please send an email with your photos and a short write up.◄
  26. Homeless Shelter Cart HIGH MILEAGE TRIKES & MORE   This man here is very creative to say the least. He has designed and built a rolling tiny cabin suitable for one person to live in. Be sure to check out his other very interesting projects/creations.

    ►My name is Paul Elkins. I live in Stanwood Washington USA with my lovely wife Mary and our two dogs. In my spare time I play in my shop creating a host of toys and things that roll, mostly. My original intent with this project was to design and construct a simple, light weight, insulated box on wheels geared for the northwest climate that an urban street person could reside in (with all the comforts of home of course) and have an area to display and sell handmade wares. I've seen the homeless make wire sculptures, wood carvings etc. One could also make alcohol stoves from aluminum recycled cans and peddle them as emergency stoves. Many homeless people are actually more creative than you might think, and not all want to beg or go rummage around in trash cans all day for a living. Homeless people have pride too! Also, this I think would make a better connection with the public. So, what started as something that was suppose to be simple and cheap, well, let's say I got a bit carried away. I was having too much fun with my newly acquired table saw and brad gun, and I knew this creation was going to be around awhile so I made it nice. What we have here is the Cadillac of homeless shelters! I wanted something that looked good and was built durable. A manufactured unit similar to this lay-out could be made of sprayed fiberglass, poly roto mold or from Coroplastic sheeting. The latter can be made in a variety of thicknesses, color, (even camouflage laminate), with UV protection and fire retardant additives too. Using fluted Coroplastic I can see these panels machine routered, creased, folded and hot welded to the desired shape. The storage compartments and counter could be of the same material or use sprayed fiberglass for durability. This being just a conceptual prototype, and one that I'm pretty happy with, anyone with a little imagination can see the many possibilities. If you have any further questions my E-mail address is below, or if you'd just like to leave a comment, please do so. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks again for visiting my site and enjoy!◄
  27. Refrigerator Igloo REFRIGERATOR IGLOO   I used to collect old defective refrigerators and now i see this nice little home made from 322 of them. I missed my calling.

    ►Berlin-based artist Ralf Schmerberg has constructed a gigantic igloo made entirely of old refrigerators in the center of Hamburg, Germany. The 11 meter-wide igloo is made from 322 old refrigerators attached to a metal frame. Inside is an extraordinary collection of gadgets including fans, toys, toasters, a TV set and an inflatable mushroom cloud. While I'm sure Ralf had fun building this absurd piece, the actual reason of the project is to raise awareness to the amount of energy people are wasting nowadays. At the outside a huge electricity meter showed how much energy would be consumed by all those fridges. In the last picture you can see a list of all the materials they needed and some important facts about it. Some points translate as follows: 15.684 Vector Lines, 13 bars of concept chocolate, 10.5 tons of weight, 322 Refrigerators, 30.780 watts of energy, 1.718 meters of wire, 35 pairs of gloves, 487 sandwiches by mommy, 49.000 calories, 120 leisure-time beers. It is 5.6 meters high on the outside, 4.82 meters on the inside, has an outer diameter of 11 meters and an inner diameter of 9.8 meters.◄
  28. Cardboard Shelter CARDBORIGAMI   Foldable, portable shelter for those of you who like highly mobile type living.

    ►Cardborigami is an immediate disaster relief shelter that can be distributed through various philanthropic, governmental and religious organizations to the urban homeless population as well as to disaster relief victims in need of immediate, temporary housing. A typical Cardborigami shelter is made of standard corrugated cardboard that has been treated to make it both water-proof as well as fire-proof. Following treatment, each cardboard sheet is mechanically scored to ensure uniform construction that will aid in the process of its deployment. As the name suggests, each cardboard unit can be unfolded to provide a sizable space for temporary shelter. When not in use or when being transported, each unit can be folded into a size that is easily carried by a single person.◄
  29. Fiberglass Weather PodSEVERE WEATHER PODS   I personally like the idea of living underground not for the supposed security that it offers, but just for the peace and quiet you might expect - i mean if you were living alone by yourself. This company linked here has some great stuff if you are interested in developing an underground living system. Maybe they have an underground cabin model or can design one for you. They do offer an underground "condo" so i know they can make an underground cabin.

    ►We cover the entire USA. There are four national partner distributors covering the entire USA which are located in Michigan, Virginia, Texas and Iowa. Fill out the quote request form and we will send it to the closest Distributor Partner to your area. Severe Weather Pods manufactures and sells fiberglass underground storm shelters from a 4-100 person capacity as well as an entire line of steel underground and above ground units, including above ground tornado buildings with a maximum capacity of 100 people. All shelters are made in the USA and come with a warranty. We are the only Storm Shelter company with a vast variety of shelter sizes from 4 man to 100! If anything or everything goes wrong - weather, sun, chaos, you would want to be in one of our products, don't settle for 2nd best!◄
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